Some of our candidates for the upcoming local elections are below – help us to better represent you by giving them your support!

Anila Javaid

Anila Javaid
Anila Javaid

After serving globally in the corporate growth sector and writing many success stories, I am stepping towards civil services and standing as a Labour candidate in Canalside Woking. My priority is enabling an organised system so residents’ concerns can be addressed on priority. As a Global Business Engineer, I reinvented over 4000 businesses whilst transforming the lives and relationships of people connected to these businesses. These experiences and proven approaches are missing from Woking Council. Along with the experiences I have gained from my work in the local charity sector, I want to contribute my vision and expertise to maximise the potential of local assets with an innovative approach to how local government works that addresses the Council’s financial situation. I will use my experience to emphasise the importance of planning, finding the gaps and re-organising to achieve optimal results for residents.
WBC needs to put together a strategic plan to tackle the debt while managing the current issues with the cost of living. I would like to see this discussed and evaluated to ensure it benefits the community. I am driven to see better planning with transparency and accountability in all areas of growth and services by the Council.
I am running to be your Councillor because I want to make my contribution to improving the lives of Canalside residents. As a successful businesswoman, I know how to turn promises into results. I am a strategist and change-maker who understands what it takes to make real change. Given the chance, I will fight for this change and be your voice to ensure you are at the centre of our work.

Sean O’Malley

Sean O
Sean O'Malley

I am standing as the Labour and Co-operative candidate for Pyrford because I believe the Liberal Democrat and Conservative Councillors, distracted by the huge debt they have created, are failing to listen to the residents and businesses of Pyrford.
As they publicly squabble over who was responsible, their failure to come up with a plan and build for a better future, risks holding back our Towns and Villages.
As a member of the Labour Party, I have long campaigned for a fairer future for all. As a member of Labour’s sister party, the Co-operative party, I believe in empowering local communities and building better connected networks across our community.
My background as a Self-Employed engineer working on large broadcast events has not only taught me how to work as part of a team but also how to lead such a team and how a motivated group of people is a powerful instrument of co-operation.
If elected I pledge to be the voice of Pyford’s residents, to work with our existing Labour Councillors to maintain the Council’s focus on our communities, to push for sustainable, green policies to be at the heart of every Council decision and to make sure that the borough has a realistic and competent plan to deal with the debt crises while building a more solid foundation for our future.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin
Chris Martin

He has lived in Woking all of his life and was educated at Saint John the Baptist school,he is now Chair of Woking Labour Party and also Election Agent and active member of the
Co operative party where he successfully established a credit union which covers the Southeast. Also a Trade Union rep for a large Supermarket close to Woking town centre.I feel that through my experiences on various committees over the years I have the right skills to negotiate and act for the residents of Knaphill who had expressed a grave concern regarding the current financial situation of the council.
He was also a former charitable trustee and former Senior member of a residents association.
Through my skills I have successfully negotiated to set up lights in a local play area to combat anti social behaviour.

Canan Kandemir

I have been a Woking resident for over 20 years now. I have 2 children (now teenagers) both born at St Peter’s and educated at local schools.
The main reason I want to be a councillor is so that I can help those who need it most. I would like to be the voice for the Woking residents and support them with their concerns.
Woking Borough Council has invested heavily in developing Woking town centre but unfortunately this has left the council heavily in debt. It seems like very little thought has gone into the infrastructure needed to support this type of project. Council tax is going up on top of the struggles people are encountering due to the cost of living.
I would like to see better planning for the local communities and if a development is to be put forward for planning I would like to see that this is discussed and evaluated in a way that ensures it benefits the surrounding communities and not just the developers.
Woking BC needs to put a realistic plan together to tackle the debt left by the Tory led predecessor’s and councillors should be there to ensure that they are accountable for their decisions.

Sebastian Purbrick

Sebastian Purbrick
Sebastian Purbrick

I am standing as a Labour candidate in Hoe Valley, as I believe passionately in making a difference, through better community support, engagement and transparency in how decisions are made. We need to help local people, partner with our small businesses and grow the local economy in way that works for everyone, not just the few. I want us to provide great local services, build a town and a community that benefits everyone, but also makes appropriate and meaningful decisions with council spending; these are the things that can make a difference.
Woking Council has found itself in a dire position, the Conservatives don’t want to be held accountable and take responsibility, they aren’t willing to be part of the solution, and instead will look to attack and criticise others. The Liberal Democrats cannot be allowed to repeat the mistakes of the previous administration, we need Labour representation to ensure the right decisions are being made.
I want a Council and Councilors that work together, that provide a plan for the future to pay down the debt, but in a way that doesn’t hurt those most in need. We need to stop making private companies and their directors rich off the back of Ccontracts, but instead create wealth in community assets for residents now and later generations.
I have lived in Woking since 2016 and I work in the private sector for a professional services firm. If elected, I would look to bring the skills and experience I have gained over my professional career to Council businesses and operations. I have learned what a great place Woking is and the huge potential the area has, by electing me, I want to us to realise that potential and all be part of a thriving community.

Samar Chaudhary

Samar Chaudhary
Samar Chaudhary

Samar Chaudhary has lived in Goldsworth Park over the past 6 years and works as an electrician locally. He is passionate about helping Goldsworth Park residents, especially in relation to campaigning against cuts to vital public services such as education and health and in working to improve the local infrastructure.

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