Woking ‘Be My Foodbank Valentines’ Appeal

Woking Foodbank Valentines Appeal

Dear Labour members and supporters

12% of children in Woking are living in poverty – with some local neighbourhoods experiencing up to 46% poverty rates.During 2020, the Woking Food bank provided 5,969 emergency food parcels for local people in crisis, an increase of 32% on 2019.

Nationally, 14% of households with children have moderate food anxiety (recent Food Foundation survey).That is approx 4 million people and 2 million children from families in which an adult answered yes to one of these 3 questions:

1) Have you had to skip meals?
2) Have you gone hungry?
3) Have you gone for a whole day without eating?

It is a gross failure of the Conservative Government that food banks are a necessity at this or ANY time. Food poverty is one element of poverty in general. People who cannot afford food, can often also not afford heating, lighting, toiletries and clothing. These issues didn’t start during the pandemic. They are a result of stagnated wages, insecure work, frozen working age benefits (including Universal Credit), among among other factors.

At Woking CLP, we consider this a priority issue to tackle. You may be aware that Lewes CLP have managed to raise £thousands to help provide food for those this Government has left behind. We would now like to do the same.
We are launching a financial appeal with the theme of ‘Be My ‘Woking Food Bank’ Valentines…’

The aim is to generate funds that will be used to purchase essential food for families in need, but also – crucially- to send a Valentines Day message.
As well as helping with stocks of food, we also want to provide Valentines Day chocolates and treats. Given the situation we are in, we hope this can help ‘spread the love’ to everyone in Woking this February.
It would be great if all members could get involved in any way with
our Be My ‘Woking Food Bank’ Valentines” – Online Financial Appeal via Eventbrite:

Can you donate? If yes, please click on the green register button and choose ‘donate’. Every £ makes a difference.

Can you publicise? To family, friends and neighbours, workmates and contacts. Via twitter, facebook, instagram and email? Share the link to this page, with you spreading the word we can reach so much more of our community.

Can you help? This is primarily a virtual collection. Due to COVID restrictions we won’t have shifts of collectors all day outside our supermarkets. All we need is a small team of shoppers and drivers, individuals, if pairs in the same household bubble ‘(and likely to be asked to dress up for Valentines’ too!). To volunteer click on the green register button. Choose ‘tickets’ and we will email you details.

Thank you

Woking Labour