School-made PPE Visors (in the absence of PPE from government).

School-made PPE Visors (in the absence of PPE from government). Read a message from Andy Berriman, Woking Labour member:

Dear all,

We need materials to make PPE.

I am a teacher in Hersham (Three Rivers Academy Secondary School). We didn’t want our laser-cutter to be sat around doing nothing during the COVID crisis, so we – together with many other schools – decided to make plastic PPE visors for our local NHS/Care-homes. So far we’ve made over 1500 and delivered to over 35 different organisations.

We’re using this design sent out by the D&T company ‘Kitronik’:…/kitronik-make-nhs-frontline-p…/

Demand for the masks continues to be high. Kitronik do not claim to make medical-grade material, but ALL of our donations have been gratefully received (and I’m sure we’re all aware of nurses making their own PPE from bin liners).

We are now focussing on organisations that prioritise domiciliary care. These carers provide an essential service, going from household to household caring for vulnerable clients. They have always been on the ‘front-line’ of the pandemic. Despite this, it appears that these organisations are at the ‘back of the queue’ for PPE and are having to make their own arrangements.

It’s becoming more and more clear that the care sector have been neglected during this crisis. Yet, even though government show public regret (Johnson ‘bitterly regrets’):
…and they are planning ‘very hard’, it appears they’re not succeeding.

The emergency delivery system for PPE to the care sector will not available for another week at least:…/launch-ppe-delivery-system-ca…

The situation clearly needs to be tackled with a sense of urgency. As small scale producers, we can make PPE quickly. As such, I wanted to make our provision more organised and targeted so I made contact with Jonathan Lord and Dominic Raab’s office.

Neither took direct responsibility for helping schools coordinate their efforts – and I was encouraged to contact the Department of Health directly. I did get a response from them after filling out a questionnaire targeting potential business donators, but they were only dealing with organisations that could produce 1 million units. They didn’t make any other suggestions for how to coordinate.

I’ve talked to staff at Surrey CC who are working with the ‘LSF’ (Local Resilience Forum). They seem more concerned with ensuring PPE meet H&S regulations than providing urgent coordination for small donations.

Meanwhile -with a possible easing of the lockdown coming- domiciliary workers are concerned that they and their clients will be at increased risk of infections.

We would appreciate anyone who can provide help in the form of advice, contacts & suggestions. We would also appreciate anyone who could help with donations of materials.

*Materials We Are in Need of:*

We’re in need of polypropylene plastic sheeting at 0.5mm thickness:…

We would also apprecaite any donations of clar A4 PVC binding covers:…/office-depot-a4-clear-pvc…

Availability of these materials is limited – but the above links are delivering within a few days. However, if anyone has any other sources, we’d appreciate any donations.

Please direct any enquiries to me at:

–wishing everyone well at this stressful time–