About us

We are a small but dedicated team of local Labour branch members who believe that Woking deserves better. We hold regular meetings for members, and love to hear your opinions on local issues at our policy and campaigning sessions.

Executive Committee

Gerry Mitchell – Secretary
Zara Coombes – Chair
Carly Wilton – Vice Chair







Chris Martin – Vice Chair
Hinna Ghafoor – Youth Officer
Patrick Lonergan – Campaigns Officer





Sarah Dickins – Vice-Chair Membership
Gareth Wakelam – Treasurer

Our Councillors

Hinna Ghafoor – Youth Officer
Councillor Mohammad Ali
Councillor Tahir Aziz
Councillor M Ilyas Raja







If you want to know more about getting involved with Labour in Woking, you can contact us by emailing our executive committee secretary at secretary@wokinglabour.org. There are frequent opportunities to make your voice heard or to chip in to our local efforts to deliver real change in Woking for the many, not the few.

 Our candidate for the 2019 General Election was Dr Gerry Mitchell, who was running to be part of a better, fairer government.

You can find out more about Labour at Labour.org.uk, and a little about the history of the party here. You can find out about joining Labour here