The EU referendum

As the British people absorb the result of the EU referendum, it is worth noting that Woking overall voted to remain in the EU, while the UK as a whole chose to leave. We respect everybody’s views in this complex issue and will continue working to highlight and campaign for the issues affecting the people of Woking and its surrounding areas.

There will no doubt be many challenges ahead for working people, their families and communities. We must all pull together to face those challenges. We have heard that David Cameron is to resign and we know the markets have reacted badly and the pound has fallen significantly. Our goal must be to protect and secure the rights afforded to us by Europe and to stand firm against any attempt to undermine those hard won rights.

Jo Cox MP

Jo Cox MP
Jo Cox MP
Woking Labour stands with all who care about democracy and humanity in mourning the loss of our sister Jo Cox MP. We remember her life’s work which was committed to those core values. Jo was an ardent defender of human rights and an internationalist, to her, humanity saw no borders. Today we mourn her loss but tomorrow we will continue her quest to try our best to develop a world which values every human being, a world which sees no colour, a world free from destitution and a world which challenges bigotry. We send condolences to the family of Jo Cox MP and to her friends at this dreadful time and we hope they find some solace in the love and solidarity of millions in our nation who have shown their support.
Barry Faulkner, Chair, Woking Labour

Be a County Councillor for Woking!

Would you like to represent Woking as a councillor on Surrey County Council?

Woking Labour needs good candidates to come forward for the elections next May so that voters in all seven Surrey districts of Woking will have a Labour candidate to vote for. Why not consider standing? Now is your chance – talent of this sort should not stay hidden! Surrey makes decisions on children’s services; youth activities; LA schools admissions; road maintenance, safety, speed limits and parking. Contact Liz Evans on 07906 697180 for details [information updated 08/11/16].

The SCC Local Committee meets four times a year in the Woking council chamber and anyone can ask questions. Just call 01483 518095 / 518093 to find out how.