Introducing Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Woking

Dr Gerry Mitchell in her own words . . .

I live in Woking with my partner and two children and I am running to become Woking Constituency’s next Member of Parliament because I care passionately about our community and our country, and I know that a better government is possible.     


Having worked and volunteered in local schools, and at Woking’s advice centre for the Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership before it was shut down, I have seen the toll austerity and cuts have taken on Woking’s residents.   


The country is getting richer, but that wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few. Local families can’t afford to feed themselves, using food banks to survive. We all worry about cuts to the NHS and our emergency public services. We see the underfunding in our children’s schools and know people that no longer leave their homes because of cuts imposed on disability support.     


These are some of the devastating impacts of government policies on the people of Woking since 2010. The economy is not delivering rising standards for the majority of people.


My background is in social research and I have worked at the London School of Economics, for local government and in both Houses of Parliament. As a social policy researcher, I know there is a better alternative –  building a new economy that works for the many.    


Labour will introduce a green industrial New Deal to transform our economy, bring an end to austerity, introduce a genuine living wage, build more council homes and ensure more security for those in the rented sector. We will properly fund our public services and bring utilities and transport into public ownership, so that people are no longer ripped off by their energy bills and transport costs. These policies will work. And they will have a hugely positive impact on the lives of Woking’s residents.


While there is scaremongering in the media, the tax system will not change for a majority of people in this country. The proposed changes to income tax will only affect the top 5% of the country’s earners – anyone who earns less than £80,000 will not be affected.    


I understand that people in Woking are worried about Brexit. If you want to avoid a hard Brexit, the only party to vote for is the Labour Party. We will get a deal done that protects jobs, workers’ rights and the Environment then put it back to you for the final say.


A vote for me is a vote for change and a vote for a real voice for Woking.  


Woking Labour loses a leading light

Elizabeth-EvansIt is with great sadness that we share news that Elizabeth Evans passed away at home.

Liz has been a tour de force in our community for many years, with many notable accomplishments; of which we name but a few here. She acted as a convener for the Working Women’s Charter Campaign during the women’s movement in the 1970s; served as Councillor for Maybury & Sheerwater between 1999 and 2007; was a member of Horsell Residents Association and volunteered in local schools. Liz was, of course, also a longstanding Officer in our Executive Committee.

Ilyas Wins!Her energy, passion and ceaseless dedication were a constant source of amazement and the depth of her knowledge and experience, the envy of us all. We were glad that this service was acknowledged by the Labour Party last year, when Liz received a Labour Party Lifetime Achievement Award from Jeremy Corbyn, presented at our Joint Woking CLP/Surrey Labour Party Christmas party – one event of many, which Liz had almost single-handedly organised. 

Liz was a committed and active member of the Woking Labour Party to the end.

Her loss will be felt deeply by us all, and we will miss her very much.