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Labour sets out its stall

As the real campaigning gets under way, Woking Labour introduces its candidates for the General Election and four key wards being contested in the Council elections

  Labour Party street stall in Commercial Way, Woking

Labour Parliamentary candidate: Jill Rawling

Jill Rawling, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Woking

Jill has been a resident of Woking for over 30 years and works for a local charity in a marketing and fundraising role which has given her a unique insight into local issues and the impact of government cuts and changes over the past 5 years within the Borough.

She has been a life-long supporter of the Labour Party, but felt compelled to join the Labour Party after the last election to get involved in grass-roots politics as an activist, to channel her anger about government cuts into direct action. Elected as Women’s Officer by Woking CLP in 2012, she represented Woking CLP at the 2012 Labour Party Conference. She stood as the Labour Party candidate for West Byfleet in the 2012 Borough election and as the Labour Party candidate for Byfleet in the 2014 Borough election, and is now representing Woking for Labour at the General Election in May.

Jill comes originally from Stoke-on-Trent, and still has family in the Midlands. She left school at 18 and has enjoyed an interesting career in retail buying, marketing and public relations. I have a 25 year old daughter and I live in West Byfleet. The issues she is particularly passionate about are the NHS, the scandalous housing-building crisis and the plight of young people unable to find work and affordable housing.

Jill wants to represent all sectors of society in Woking in Parliament, whatever their political persuasion, and help advance a more compassionate agenda under a Labour government: to reverse many of the Coalition’s elitist policies including the back-door privatisation of health and education. In Woking, there needs to be an affordable house-building programme which respects the character of the Borough’s villages, more schools to cater for the increasing number of families moving out of London, and guaranteed jobs for under-25s.

Woking, says Jill, "is a wonderfully culturally diverse borough in which all its residents should benefit from the economic recovery, to encourage a more inclusive society".

Download accessible copy of Jill's election leaflet

TAHIR AZIZ - Maybury & Sheerwater

Tahir Aziz

Tahir Aziz has lived in the ward for 12 years and is married with a young family. Having a degree in Mathematics, he is also a CeMAP qualified mortgage advisor and helps local residents to find the right mortgages.

Tahir is a keen community worker and feels strongly about local issues in the ward – especially parking, poor housing and soaring crime. He has been campaigning for a Surrey Living Wage, better working conditions and fair security of employment. He is worried by the lack of youth funding and community engagement and is very keen to bring all communities together to engage in local issues.

Sheerwater regeneration

Tahir says "I have been fighting against the mass demolition of the Sheerwater estate by Woking Borough Council/New Vision Homes.

"In support of those affected, I strongly oppose compulsory purchase orders being made by the council where it is against the will of the home owners. I have been working closely with local residents and have serious concerns for those who will not only lose their homes but won't be able stay in the area in spite of the compensation packages being offered. The lack of consultation, the expansion of the red line and the continuous ignorance of residents' problems is causing enormous uncertainty.

"I welcome any improvement in the area but it has to be public-led. I support the original regeneration plan which mainly comprises flats and shops, provided that residents are properly consulted and accommodated back on the estate. I campaign especially for vulnerable people and think that those with health issues, the elderly and the jobless should be given priority."

Download Tahir's early March election leaflet
Download Tahir's late March election leaflet


Barney Pimentel  

Barney Pimentel is a Church of England vicar living in Barnsbury and serving in Woking.  His wife is also a vicar and runs her own small business in Woking. Barney says: "I am 29 years old and passionate about building community, and working alongside those who need help the most.  I think that this can be achieved through the work of the Church but also through political engagement.

"I'm standing for Labour in Old Woking because I think the community is served best by having a strong voice on the Council. I will stand up for local interests, and will also fight for a living wage in Woking.

"The Living Wage is currently £7.85 for the UK, and £9.50 for London. It is widely adopted in London and by many of the UK's largest, blue chip organisations, including Barclays and Nationwide.  Over 80 out of 400 councils in England pay it and it’s not a pie in the sky idea for Woking. Surrey is nearly as expensive as London and a Surrey-weighted rate, reviewed annually, should be adopted by the Council for employees and agreed as a condition for contracted-out work. Woking Council needs to lead the way here. Brent Council has taken the next step and offers businesses a discount on their business rates."

Download Barney's election leaflet

JAY BUTCHER - Goldsworth East

Jay Butcher  

Jay Butcher has lived in Goldsworth Park since he and his wife married four years ago, and they welcomed their first child into the world just before Christmas. He has worked in international development and the charity sector for the last 11 years since graduating from the University of Surrey in 2004 and is passionate about ensuring residents' voices are heard by those in public office.

Jay can be found each day on the number 91 bus heading to London for work, taking his daughter out for a walk around the lake in a bid to get her to sleep, or out and about with his camera.

Download Jay's election leaflet

NIGEL JACKSON - Kingfield, Westfield and Barnsbury

Nigel Jackson  

Nigel came to Kingfield and Westfield 20 years ago soon after leaving the armed forces and his two children went to local schools. He became a youth leader with local cadets for 18 years and a volunteer with St John Ambulance for 10 years. He is now 53 years old and has been Chairman of the Royal British Legion in Woking for 3 years and is Treasurer of the Woking RAF Association.

Nigel says "As a bus driver working for one of the biggest bus companies in Hampshire and Surrey I have also been a union shop steward and feel confident that I have the skills required to be your Labour representative on the Council.

"On my walks talking to residents, they are concerned about the flood defences and ask if the Council has got it right. They worry about the increase in traffic from the new housing developments, the effect on infrastructure, and about the £2 million bus cuts threatening their public transport."

"Residents feel, quite rightly too, that they were not consulted early enough about the Vicarage Road closure, that it was handled inconsiderately, and caused huge inconvenience with local retailers losing a considerable amount of trade. However I am assured that the contractors are confident the work will be completed in May as planned."

Download Nigel's election leaflet

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